We came up with the idea of "Fitnance" because we believe a well-balanced life includes being fit physically, but also financially. From business owners to those who advocate health and fitness, we understand creating wealth and designing a financial legacy is much more about the journey than the destination. Very much like the journey to better health and wellness.

From risk management, to wealth preservation, to wealth distribution takes careful planning and an understanding of our clients' values. It takes commitment and accountability.

Our Fitnance Division is dedicated to helping our clients balance their financial life. Helping them focus on giving and savings goals, understanding their budget, and protecting their families and businesses.

We have found accountability; goal setting and education are important pieces of any carrying out a successful plan.... financial or fitness. We believe the tenacious attitude of fitness professionals and business owners deserves the same tenacity from us when addressing your financial needs. Through planning and aligning wealth with values, we will help our clients reach and exceed their goals and we develop a relationship that lasts.

Executive Director- Tiffany Taylor



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