Retirement Plan Solutions

Innovative Corporate Retirement Plans that work for the Business Owner.

Chalk, Cullum & Associates serves as Plan Advisors for several Qualified Retirement Plans (such as 401(k) plans), bringing state-of-the-art design solutions to provide maximum benefits for business owners.

Most businesses pay too much for their company's retirement plan. Furthermore, ownership often assumes unnecessary liability put on them by 401(k) companies without their understanding. Because of weak plan design, business owners are unable to take full advantage of tax strategies they should be fully enjoying.

Our approach to Corporate Retirement Plans from the perspective of the business owner. By virtue of advantageous design strategies, we guide the business to amend their existing plan to better fit the needs of business owners. Often the plan revisions are simple and very cost efficient, yet provide tremendous benefits to ownership. Through the understanding of contemporary plan designs, IRS and DOL governance, and the unique goals of business owners, our firm will help owners maximize their tax efficiency and personal wealth.

Retirement Plan Services

  • Plan Advisory / Defined Contribution Plans
  • Plan Advisory / Defined Benefit Plans
  • Design Enhancements
  • Fiduciary Strategies
  • Improved Investment Accessibility
  • Top-Of-Peer Investment Monitoring
  • Plan Sponsor and Participant Education
  • Regular Review and Consultation
  • Cost / Efficiency Analysis


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